Giani Corner Sofa Bed
Giani Corner Sofa Bed for 2023
Giani Corner Sofa Bed for 2023

Giani Corner Sofa Bed

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Elevate Your Living Space with the Giani Corner Sofa Bed: A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style

Transform your living space with the unparalleled comfort and modern design of the Giani Corner Sofa Bed. This L-shaped elegance is not just a piece of furniture; it's a versatile addition that seamlessly combines functionality with style.

Giani Corner Sofa Bed: Stylish and Space-Saving

The Giani Corner Sofa Bed is designed to enhance any living area, big or small. Its L-shaped structure provides ample seating during the day, creating a cosy corner for relaxation. When night falls, effortlessly transform it into a comfortable bed, offering a perfect sleeping space.

Dimensions for Perfect Fit

Ensure a seamless fit with your home's layout by considering the Giani Corner Sofa Bed dimensions:

  • Length: 262 cm
  • Width: 162 cm
  • Height: 88 cm
  • Depth: 84 cm
  • Sleeping Space: 130 x 205 cm

Choose Your Style: Black, Brown, or Grey/Black

Pick from a range of stylish colours to match your interior – black, brown, or the trendy grey/black combination.

Essential Tips Before Your Purchase

Before you make your decision, there are crucial factors to consider:

Measure Your Space

To avoid any delivery issues or extra charges, accurately measure your door frames, stairs, and banisters. Don't forget to check if the sofa fits in your lift.

Hassle-Free Payments

We understand the importance of flexible payment options. Choose from weekly, fortnightly, every 4 weeks, or monthly payments. Our secure payment methods include PayPal, Debit/Credit Card, or the convenience of Cash on Delivery. Pay only when you're fully satisfied.

Added Assistance for Your Convenience

Make your experience even smoother with our additional services:

Professional Assembly

For a small fee of £40, our skilled professionals can unwrap and assemble the sofa bed. Simply mention your preference when placing your order.

Delivery Time

While our standard delivery time is up to 7 to 10 Days, we always strive to exceed expectations. If we can deliver sooner, rest assured, we'll notify you promptly.

Your Satisfaction – Our Commitment

At furnico your satisfaction is our top priority. If you ever encounter issues or have concerns, feel free to reach out to us. Review our terms and conditions for further information.

A Heartfelt Thanks for Choosing Giani Corner Sofa Bed

We genuinely appreciate your business. We hope you thoroughly enjoy your purchase of the Giani Corner Sofa Bed – where comfort meets modern design.

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