Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy  

Furnico Living Ltd is dedicated in focusing on a successful customer journey from beginning to end. In any unfortunate circumstance that a complaint is raised, we have a Complaints Policy to ensure all complaints are handled as efficiently and quickly as possible.  

To raise a complaint, please email – including your order number, name, address, payment method, detailed statement of your concerns and attaching any images to support your case. All complaints are dealt via email, so we have record of this in writing.  


Handling Your Complaint 

  • Once we receive your complaint by email, we shall acknowledge this within 48 hours.  
  • We aim to investigate your concerns and provide a resolution within 14 days; however, this may be longer if an exchange of item is taking place, and we must wait on stock. 
  • Weekly updates will be provided until your complaint is resolved. 
  • If we receive no correspondence after the 14 days, a follow up email will be sent allowing you to respond within 48 hours before your active complaint will be closed.  


To resolve an active complaint, we may offer you a series of options for you to choose from. Furnico Living always aim to fix an item if the damage is raised within the first 6 months of delivery. If we are unable to perform a fixture of the item, a partial refund or replacement will be offered. If neither of those resolutions are suitable, an exchange for a different item may be offered. If all the above options fail, a refund and collection will be processed.  



Once an agreed resolution has been fulfilled, a follow up email will be sent to confirm the closure of your complaint and ensure your concerns have been mutually satisfied.  

Continuous Improvement

Furnico Living Ltd is committed to continuously improving our products and services based on customer feedback and complaint data.

Review and Updates

This complaints policy will be reviewed and updated annually or as necessary to ensure its effectiveness.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or further assistance regarding our complaints policy, please contact:

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