Rattan Vs Wicker- What's the Difference

Rattan and wicker both are used to make furniture items. These are confusing for some people due to their similar look. Here I will give you a brief note on Rattan VS Wicker. Rattan is the material used for making the furniture on the other hand, wicker is a weaving technique. Wicker furniture is made of rattan material. These both are used in the preparation of the garden furniture. 

Rattan VS Wicker:


Rattan is very close to palm trees. It is a vine that grows quickly in Southeast Asian jungles. Rattan is super strong and can grow really tall, up to 100 feet. Moreover, people love using it for furniture because it is flexible and easy to find. But in the UK, real rattan is not common because it can rot in damp weather, which is typical there. That's why you won't see rattan furniture outside much in the UK.

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Wicker is a technique for making furniture from natural materials like willow, rush, or rattan. Wicker furniture can be made using rattan. Wicker furniture is something many of us have at home. Furniture like wicker chairs, stools, baskets, rugs, benches, and tables. 

It is a versatile way to make furniture that works well both inside and outside on patios. Wicker pieces are usually woven from materials like rattan, bamboo, or straw, giving them a natural and stylish look.

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Difference between Rattan and Wicker: 

Here I am going to tell you the key differences between the Rattan and Wicker. Let us come with me and learn more information about the rattan and wicker. 


The main difference between rattan and wicker is that. The rattan is the material on the other hand the wicker is the weaving technique. Wicker is the weaving of natural materials like rattan, bamboo, straw, or willow to create furniture.

Strength and Durability:

Another very important difference is here in the given lines. Rattan is known as a stronger material than the others for making furniture. It makes it more durable and long-lasting furniture for use. The other materials used in the wicker have versatile strength and durability of the materials in the use after the rattan. 


Versatility is a well-known option for rattan and wicker furniture. Rattan furniture is not made from the rattan materials. It is not very versatile. This means almost only rattan material is used in making these types of furniture. 

On the other hand, wicker furniture is versatile. As there are many natural materials used. It is not just limited to the rattan, it uses many other materials. The use of other materials made it versatile in terms of style and appearance. 


Another option helps you to describe the rattan and wicker. There are many uses of this furniture. The Rattan furniture is commonly used for both indoor and outdoor both. Rattan furniture doesn't like wet places because it can start to rot if it gets too damp.

Furthermore, here is the use of wicker furniture. Wicker furniture is made of different materials, these materials are designed these be suitable for every type of environment and do not get worse. It includes the outdoor patios and indoor spaces. 

These are some differences between the Rattan and Wicker Furniture. These differences show us how they are different, similar, or contain the other properties of the furniture. I think such information is enough for you to see the similarities and differences between the rattan and wicker furniture. These are both different but we can use them both for the same purpose.


What is better, wicker or rattan?

Even fake wicker furniture needs some care to stay nice. If you leave it out in the sun all the time. Here is the bottom line for it. The real rattan lasts longer than natural wicker (like reed or bamboo) outdoors, but the fake wicker is the toughest of them all for outside use.

Is rattan waterproof?

The waterproof property of rattan furniture depends on the type of rattan. Synthetic rattan is waterproof, which is great for using it outdoors. However, natural rattan isn't waterproof, so it's better to keep it indoors during cold or rainy weather. No matter the type, it's important to take good care of your rattan furniture.

What is the difference between a rattan cane and a wicker?

"Wicker" is all about weaving natural materials together to make furniture. So, when you hear terms like 'wicker furniture,' 'wicker cane,' or 'wicker rattan,' they're talking about furniture made using this weaving technique with materials like cane or rattan.

What material is rattan?

Rattan is a special kind of palm tree that has bendy stems. You can use it to make furniture from a cane. You can also cut these stems into smaller strips to weave things like mats, baskets, or flexible covers.

Which is more expensive, wicker or rattan?

Rattan furniture is often expensive compared to wicker furniture. That said, there are plenty of affordable options for both rattan and wicker materials.


The Rattan and wicker both are used for making furniture indoors and outdoors. Pure or real rattan furniture is best for indoor furniture. Because the rainy or cold weather makes them worse compared to the wicker. Go through the above article and get the information that you want to learn. I think this piece of information is the answer to the question for people who ask about the rattan vs wicker.

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