7 Things To Remember When Buying Furniture Online

Online Furniture Shopping Tips: 7 Key Considerations for a Smart Purchase

In today's fast-paced digital age, online shopping has become a convenient and popular option for purchasing furniture. With just a few clicks, you can explore an array of designs, compare prices, and have your dream furniture delivered right to your doorstep. 

However, buying furniture online requires careful consideration to ensure a seamless experience and the perfect fit for your home. In this guide, I'll describe seven essential things to remember when purchasing furniture online.

Before you embark on your virtual furniture shopping spree, take the time to measure your space accurately. Nothing can be more frustrating than ordering a stunning piece of furniture, only to find out it doesn't fit in your desired spot. 

Remember,furniture tends to look smaller in online product images, so having precise measurements of your room and doorways will save you from disappointment later. Trust me; I learned this the hard way when I fell in love with a majestic bookshelf that couldn't make it through my narrow doorway.

Research and Read Reviews:

Just as you would seek recommendations from friends or family before making a purchase, online reviews become your trusted allies. Look for reputable websites that provide genuine customer reviews and ratings. These insights from fellow buyers can help you gauge the quality, durability, and overall satisfaction of the furniture you're considering. 

Remember, personal experiences shared by others can offer valuable insights and prevent any buyer's remorse. I remember finding the perfect dining table online, but after reading a review about its wobbly legs, I opted for a sturdier option instead.

Material Matters:

Furniture comes in various materials, each with its own unique qualities and maintenance requirements. While online product descriptions provide details, it's crucial to do some additional research on the material used. Consider factors like durability, ease of cleaning, and how well it complements your existing decor. 

Personally, I've always been drawn to the warmth of wooden furniture, but when I discovered the ease of maintenance with faux leather upholstery, I opted for a beautiful sofa that perfectly matched my active lifestyle.

Check Delivery Options and Return Policies:

When shopping for furniture online, be sure to review the delivery options and return policies. Look for clear information on shipping costs, estimated delivery time, and assembly services, if any. 

Additionally, read the return policy thoroughly to understand if there are any hidden costs or conditions. It's always comforting to know that you can return or exchange the furniture hassle-free if it doesn't meet your expectations. 

I vividly remember the time I ordered a coffee table that arrived with a minor scratch, but the retailer's seamless return process had me enjoying a flawless replacement in no time.

Seek Inspiration from Customer Photos:

Visualising furniture in your own space can be challenging, but thankfully, many online platforms now allow customers to share their own photos. Take advantage of this feature and browse through customer images to gain a realistic perspective. 

You'll not only see how the furniture looks in different settings but also discover creative ways to style and accessories it. I was inspired by a customer photo where a velvet armchair I had my eye on was paired with a cozy throw and vibrant cushions, instantly turning it into a focal point of the room.

Customer Service is Key:

When making a substantial investment in furniture, good customer service becomes paramount. Before making a purchase, test the responsiveness and helpfulness of the customer support team. Reach out with any queries you may have and observe their willingness to assist you.

Furthermore, a reliable customer service team can make all the difference, whether you need additional information about the product, assistance with the delivery process, or even recommendations for complementary pieces.

I once had a delightful conversation with a customer service representative who went above and beyond to guide me in choosing the perfect office chair for my home workspace.

Price Comparison and Budgeting:

Finally, while the convenience of online shopping is undeniable, it's essential to compare prices across multiple websites. Different retailers may offer varying deals, discounts, or even financing options. Create a budget for your furniture purchase and stick to it, considering any additional costs such as taxes or shipping fees. 

Remember, the goal is not just to find the best price, but to strike a balance between quality, value for money, and your personal preferences. I spent hours scouring through different online stores to find the ideal bedroom dresser that fit both my budget and aesthetic vision, and it was well worth the effort!


How can I be sure that the furniture will fit in my space when buying online?

Measure your space accurately and compare it with the furniture dimensions provided. Utilise online visualisation tools or seek assistance from customer service for better visualisation.

What should I do if the furniture arrives damaged or doesn't meet my expectations?

Contact the retailer's customer support immediately, provide them with necessary information and photos of the damage, and follow their return or replacement process.

Are online furniture purchases safe and reliable?

Online furniture purchases can be safe and reliable if you choose reputable retailers with positive reviews, secure payment options, and clear shipping, delivery, and return policies.


Buying furniture online can be an exciting and convenient experience when approached with caution and attention to detail. Remember to measure your space, research products and reviews, consider material options. Also review delivery and return policies, seek inspiration from customer photos, value good customer service, and compare prices diligently. 

By following these seven essential tips, you'll enhance your chances of finding the perfect furniture that seamlessly fits your home and lifestyle. I hope this blog post has provided you with useful information. 

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